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Hot August Nights Event Vendor Space Hot August Nights Reno Swap Meet FAQ
Please read this FAQ before calling for information.
What is the Swap Meet Hotline?
The Swap Meet Hotline is 530-307-9999

Where can I find the Swap Meet Office?
The office is located at Gate 2 on Wells Avenue.

What hours is the Swap Meet Office open?
Wednesday: Noon to 5 pm
Thursday and Friday: 6 am to 5 pm
Saturday: 6 am to 5 pm

What type items may I sell?
Auto related products and services, collectibles, nostalgic items. NO calendar girls, vulgar products or signs, crafts, flea market items, drug paraphernalia, knives, guns, plants, novelty flags, blankets, new toys or any other items deemed unacceptable will be allowed. No food, drink or beverages to be sold by exhibitor.

What types of spaces are available?
All spaces are outdoors in the parking lot.

When do I set-up?
Set-up is Wednesday.

May I be open on set-up day?

When is tear-down?
Saturday after 2 pm. Must vacate by noon Sunday.

What happens if I donít show up at the event?
We reserve the right to re-sell spaces not occupied by Thursday 8 am

Will I receive a refund if I canít attend?
Refunds will be made prior to 45 days of event.

Will I receive any passes with my space?
You will receive two passes for the first space and one pass for each additional space thereafter. Maximum 6 passes.

Are extra passes available?
Extra passes are available for purchase at the Swap Office on Wednesday and Thursday only.

What about generators or other noise causing equipment?
No noisy generators. Excessive stereo display noise is not allowed. Objectionable sound and lyrics will not be tolerated. We ask that you be considerate of your neighbors. No generator use after 10 pm or before 5 am

What should I do if there is inclement weather?
Make sure that your merchandise and canopies are secured for afternoon wind gusts. We swap rain or shine.

Can I get around on a scooter?
Scooters, golf carts, mopeds, skateboards, skates, bicycles or motorcycles are NOT permitted.

Can I use a scooter if I am handicapped?
Single Occupancy Handicap (ADA) approved scooters will be allowed for handicapped individuals.

As a vendor, do I charge Nevada Sales Tax?
Nevada Sales Tax is 8.265%. WPE will supply you with a Nevada Sales Tax Form. This form and your sales tax must be returned to the Swap Office no later than 5 pm on Saturday. It is not required for vendor to hold a Nevada Resale #.

As a vendor, I am required to hold a current Reno Business License?
No. Western Pacific Events obtains licenses and permits that are required for a temporary exhibitor in the City of Reno.

Is there power available in the spaces?
No power is available.

Is security provided?
Security is provided Thursday, Friday and Saturday. There is no security on Saturday evening. Area is extremely large and neither WPE, HAN, or any of its employees shall be held responsible for any loss or damage occasioned by theft, fire, smoke, acts of God, public enemy, riot, civil commotion or other insurable hereto with respect to any loss or damage. It shall be the responsibility of WPE and exhibitor respectively to secure their own insurance or otherwise protect themselves and its property against any such loss or damage.

Can I purchase vendor space at the gate?
Yes, if available. Pre-registration is recommended.

Can I stay in my space overnight?
Overnight camping in your vendor space is permitted. (No fires allowed.) Generators should not be used from 10 pm to 5 am

Where can I store my trailer?
Contact HAN at 775-356-1956 for trailer storage area.

Is there a place to display my vehicle for sale?
Outdoor space will be available for vehicles for sale.

If I display a vehicle for sale, do I get passes to the swap meet?
Each vehicle will receive 2 gate passes.
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